Not another vegan blog 😑

So here we are. My very first blog post 🙈

You might be already tired of all the vegan bloggers out there and think that the world doesn't need one more. But the more people talk about it, the more acceptance and the bigger the community gets. And it's the right thing, for your body, for the planet and for the animals.
I promise, as soon as you start to understand that veganism isn't just a way to eat, you'll find a whole new world. A world of positivity, peace and creativtiy.
When you didn't do a research about your food and don't know anything about veganism you should totally take a look at it :)
I'll do a whole post about why I went vegan and why I am glutenfree pretty soon. So stay tuned for that.

This blog isn't only about veganism, I love being creative so you can expect many DIY and gardening projects. I also love drawing and painting and so I want to document the process of some of my artworks.

Here are a few things to get to know me a bit:

I live in Switzerland nearby a lake. My hometown is pretty small but I have everything I need here. Currently I'm working as a graphic designer. I'm also the owner of an onlineshop called MIStY MYth.
I love to go to the forest and walk like a weirdo through tiny paths and get my feet dirty 🌲 I also enjoy taking pictures and filming pretty much everything. This is also a reason why I started this blog.
What else... I'm not a very social person, I'm super quiet and shy 🙊 But when I'm passionate about a topic I can talk a lot ^_^
I'm fascinated by the "dark" and magical, by stones, plants and the japanese and nordic cultures.

Just let me know if you have any other questions.



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