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DIY soap bars

It's the season of decoration, gift wrapping and DIYs. And I love, love, love DIY Christmas presents! Often we make presents that end up somewhere on a shelf because it isn't a useful present. Often we gift things we don't take the time to think about, we desperately search for things to give to a person only because it's Christmas. And so, I'd rather gift something useful or to eat. Taking the time to create something means more to me then just running to a store or ordering something online.

I've made quite a few styles of soaps throughout my life. Mostly I made glycerin soap as it's super easy. I even make little crystals out of them!

BUT this time I wanted a more gentle and natural soap. It isn't the easiest or glamorous process to make these soaps. But I think they turned out pretty cool.
Usually if you use soap flakes to make soap from scratch, you would use lye to dissolve the flakes. But as it's a super chemical process and I've wanted …

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